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Wisdom 1 – Circle of Life

  What does it mean to be intuitive? How can we become intuitive? We are all inherently intuitive. When we train ourselves to command our intuition we can apply it to becoming better  at what we do. Intuition can come from years of collected knowledge or it can come from a brief experience that has made a significant impact on one’s memory stores. When we listen to our intuitive voice projects flow more easily. Intuition offers guidance and direction. Intuition can be trained by experience and exercised with experiment. The first step in becoming intuitive is to increase our awareness of the impulses that we already receive. Intuition is not complex, rather it is clear, directed and originates from memories that are the same. It benefits from logical experiences. Intuitive athletes play in a zone that is cultivated by diligent preparation. Intuitive musicians play in a groove that results from practice and an instinctive rhythm. Once we have discovered the potential of intuition we never really lose our ability to be intuitive. Effectiveness in learning and business is often dictated by how well you can see or visualize the solution to the objective. Getting command of visualization is a process. Developing techniques is a matter of gaining proficiency through experience and repetition.  

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